Construction and

  1. Railway transportation systems: freight and passenger railways: substructure, superstructure, workshops and depots.
  2. Railway yards
  3. Integral Railway Terminals: Locomotive Supply Area, Maintenance and Repair Shop for Traction Units, Telecommunications Tower, Administrative Offices.
  4. Civil works.
  5. Maintenance of highway and railroad infrastructure.
  6. Highway and railroad freeways.

Specialized platforms (Cross Doc).

Solid knowledge in the execution of civil works, road and railway communication routes and complementary works.

of civil works

  1. Road transportation systems: Highways, streets, roads.
  2. Construction of Hydrocarbon and Natural Gas Storage and Transfer Terminals.
  3. Construction of Intermodal Terminals
  4. Pedestrian, vehicular and railway bridges: PIP, PG, PIV, PSV, PIFFCC, in reinforced concrete, prefabricated or structural steel.
  5. Building: Construction of concrete, steel and wood structures.
  6. Industrial buildings: On-site concrete structure, prefabricated, steel structure, combined.
  7. Hydraulic Works.
  8. Special Installations (Hydrosanitary, Electrical, Telephone, Fiber Optics, Voice and Data Systems, CCTV).

More than 20 years of experience in the construction industry

Project development and
of projects

  1. Project development:
    • Vehicular and Rail Transport Systems
    • Vehicular and Railway Bridges
    • Pluvial and Sanitary Drainage Systems
    • Drinking Water Piping and Distribution Systems
    • Building
    • Hydrocarbon and Natural Gas Storage and Transfer Terminals.
  2. Management of Hydrocarbon Transfer Terminal permits.
  3. Project and construction management
  4. Project and construction management
  5. Coordination of projects and works
  6. Construction Supervision