The Importance of Railway Viaducts: A Nexumrail Perspective

  • In the world of rail infrastructure construction, viaducts emerge as critical elements that enable the efficient and safe transit of trains over geographical obstacles or urban areas. At Nexumrail, we deeply understand the relevance of these components and, through this article, we want to share the importance of railway viaducts and how their proper construction and maintenance contribute to the operational success of the railway system.

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Transportation systems: Backbone of modern society

  • Transportation systems represent the arteries of our society, facilitating the efficient flow of goods, services and people from one place to another. At Nexumrail, we recognize the crucial importance of a robust and efficient transportation system. Throughout this article, we will explore the various aspects of transportation systems and their impact on our lives and economies.

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Sustainability in the construction of highways and railroads in Mexico

  • The construction of highways and railways is fundamental to Mexico's economic development, facilitating mobility and connectivity throughout the country. However, it is vital to consider sustainability in every project to ensure minimal impact on the environment and promote the well-being of future generations. In this article, we explore the importance of sustainability in the road and rail construction sector and detail the key elements to consider in Mexico.


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